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While Geoffrey, Doug's older brother by one year (born Aug. 20, 1952), was graduating from the Detroit College of Law, Doug was making rock and roll history.   'Get The Knack' had one of the biggest commercial debuts in rock history.   It went gold in 13 days, platinum in seven weeks and sold six million copies worldwide.

Some would say his adventure started when Doug was three or four and saw his first movie.   From that moment on, the stage was his goal.   At twelve he acted professionally and staged Edward Albee plays while a teenager.   While in Detroit he headed a rock and roll bank called Sky, and became popular locally.   In 1971 he headed to L.A.. The Knack,was born seven years later, in May of 1978.   There they played the Troubadour and Starwood and performed with the likes of Ray Manzarek, Eddie Money, Tom Petty, Steven Stills, and Bruce Springsteen.   Doug and Knack have been around over twenty years, and in 2001 released the album 'Normal As The Next Guy'.

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